CN-65 Plastic/Wire Collated Coil Nailer

Agrades CN-65 is a robust lightweight coil nailer. It accepts plastic and wire collated 15º coil nails.Due to the variety of nails available. it can fix in timber and steel. Applications for this tool  range from decking, bracing, cement sheeting, subfloors, siding, triple grips, tile underlay, and fencing .

cn65 15º Coil Nailer

Features: Bump/Single Fire |Quick Jam Release|Depth Adjuster| CLICK TO ENLARGE |

SIZES:32mm, 38mm, 45mm, 50mm, 65mm. HEAD TYPES: Oval , Round SHANKS: Smooth, Ring, Adgrip Screw. FINISHES: Egal, Hardened Egal, Hot Dip Gal, Stainless Steel, Dacro.












Weight: 2.5kg
Pressure:70-120 PSi
Fires: Plastic and Wire Collated 15º Coil Nails
Capacity: 400 nails/coil
Nail Range: 32-65mm
Fixing To Timber
Fixing To Steel
Pallet Making
Cement Sheet
Triple Grips
Sub Floors