CON-65  Concrete Nailer

The CON-65 concrete nailer is one of Agrade’s PREMIER construction tools. A well designed and powerful tool for all in the building game that have to fix the bottom plates of house frames to concrete slabs, with no expensive explosive charges to replace this tool  runs off a standard air compressor .  It is by far, the best value for money concrete gun on the market rivaling the best brands in the tool market and costing hundreds of dollars less than anything currently, in this type of gun. Stay tuned for upcoming reviews on this great tool.

CON-65 air powered concrete nailer..Exceptional value for your buck!

CON-65 Air Powered Concrete Nailer now with 24 Month Pro Warranty

SIZES: 3.8mm diameter, 38mm, 65mm. FINISH: Egal












Weight: 2.35kg
Pressure:70-100 PSi
Fires: CCP type 0º Plastic Collated Coils
Capacity: 50 Nail/Coil
Nail range: 38-65mm
Fixing Frames To Concrete Slabs
Timber Battens To Concrete