DWFN3490 Framer

DWFN34/90  34º Framer -NEW

We are excited about the release of our brand new, powerful and lightweight 34º framing gun. This framer will easily drive up to 90mm framing nails in all shank type nails with ease and built to withstand the hardest life a tradie can fork out.
This framer is so lightweight that our initial feedback from Tradies is that it actually feels more like a Fixer! but with exceptional driving power of a much heavier Framer.
One standout feature is the ultra smooth and precise magazine slider for quick smooth loading of framing nails, don’t take our word for it, try it next time you are in one of our distributors.
Stay tuned for more independant reviews on this extremely powerful tool.

SIZES: 50mm, 75mm, 90mm FINISHES: Bright, Blunt Point, Ring Shank, EGal, Hot Dip, Gal

New Powerful FN34/90 Agrade Framer

Featuring: Rugged Construction, 24 Month Pro Warranty, NEW Framer AVAILABLE NOW










Weight: 3.0 kg
Fires  34º Framing Strip Nails
Capacity: 50-90mm
Nail Capacity: 60 nails
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